Autophagy in Health and Disease
Devrim Gozuacik and his research group are discovering new components and deciphering molecular mechanisms of autophagy which is one of the cellular stress response mechanisms. One of their study objectives to reveal the molecular background of disorders and understand the involvement of these mechanisms on disease formation and development. The team's original inventions enable the development of high-tech drugs as well as new diagnostic and follow-up methods.
Our Research Approach
Gozuacik Lab focuses on the discovery and study of novel molecules (i.e. proteins, RNAs, metabolites), signals and signaling pathways regulating cellular stress and death responses, and especially autophagy. These basic discoveries lead to a better understanding of the role of autophagy in health and disease (e.g. Cancer, degenerative diseases), and allow development of novel diagnosis, follow-up and treatment strategies.
Research Topics Include
  • 1
    Discovery of new molecules and signaling pathways regulating cellular stress and death responses and autophagy.
  • 2
    Investigation of the links between autophagy and cancer dormancy.
  • 3
    Investigation of the role of autophagy in cancer microenvironment.
  • 4
    Study of non-coding RNAs and their functions in autophagy and cancer.
  • 5
    Development of innovative diagnosis and treatment methods in the light of our original discoveries.
General Research Scheme
KUTTAM Research Center for
Translational Medicine,
Koç University Hospital, Zeytinburnu
34010, Istanbul, TURKIYE
+90 212 467 87 00